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Fear of Failure


Fear of Failing   "He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat" Napoleon Boneparte   Fear is often greater than the feared event itself Is fear holding you back and stopping you from being the person you know you are inside? You know what you want to do and you've got the skills to [...]

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How Parents Can Help Their Child’s Development


How You Can Help your Child’s Early Years Development Responsive Parenting Children’s cognitive (thinking) and social skills required for later success, can be helped by a term called responsive parenting. When you respond to your children’s cues and needs with positive affection and emotional warmth, and give rich verbal input and  attention to your child’s [...]

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Typical Questions Asked by University Students during Educational Psychology Assessment


Questions and Answers Q.   What’s made me Dyslexic? A.   The exact cause is unknown, although, as it often runs in families; it is considered that genetic factors are involved. Q.   How have I got to the 2nd year of my degree without knowing I’m Dyslexic? A.   Unless you have a severe form of dyslexia, and [...]

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Mental Health Awareness: Children Special


https://youtu.be/8cY0GqJcq6M Your body image can affect how your children see themselves Think of the language you’re using, so rather than saying the word dieting, you might say eating healthy foods. Help yourself and your children by cooking healthy meals, ordering healthy meals when eating out, and doing more physical activity. Help them develop healthy [...]

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Mental health awareness week Thursday 16th May 2019


https://youtu.be/0wVsowCj0m8 Thoughtful Thursday A healthy body image means you feel at ease with your appearance and have positive thoughts and feelings about your body. The opposite is true and can lead to a mental health problem, such as depression or an eating disorder.  It can also lead to low self-esteem. But what causes people [...]

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Body Image-Mental Health Awareness Week 2019


https://youtu.be/YEcod3xLyU8 Many people with a mental health problem have poor body image, that is, they’re unhappy with their shape, size, level of fitness, or hair. But why is body image so important? It goes back to our innate human needs, and our innate resources. Our key emotional needs relate to our need to connect [...]

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Mental Health Awareness Week May 2019


https://youtu.be/QawnG7RZWAY Tuesday Tips If someone you know has a mental health problem, there are things you can do to help: Spend time with them.   Listen without interrupting.   Don’t judge.   Accept how they feel and don’t minimise their feelings, by saying things like, “Come on, pull yourself together.” Help them get out [...]

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What is Mental Health?


https://youtu.be/GbIAFVKHjug It's mental health awareness week. As such, we'll be posting a topic each day in support. What Is Mental Health As part of mental health awareness week, I will be posting something every day on this matter. Good mental health means you feel able to enjoy things, you feel confident, self-assured, sleep and [...]

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