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Sleep Animals: What sort of sleeper are you?


Dolphins sleep with only half of their brain unconscious at one time, which means that the other half is alert and awake.  This is the human equivalent of an insomniac. If you struggle to fall asleep and are restless, you’re a dolphin.      Are you an early riser, ready to attack the day with [...]

Sleep Animals: What sort of sleeper are you?2019-08-09T13:32:31+00:00

Has your sleep routine disappeared?


With the Easter holidays now upon us, our daily routines are likely to change, and our sleep affected.  Children home from school, parents off work, visitors, trips out, excessive sweet treats, over-indulgence in caffeine-heavy foods and drinks, and later bedtimes...is it any wonder why we might fail to achieve a good night's sleep! Let’s talk [...]

Has your sleep routine disappeared?2019-08-09T13:33:01+00:00

The Human Givens Approach


Human givens is a bio-psychosocial therapeutic approach, or organizing idea, developed by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell in the 1990s (Griffin and Tyrrell 2007). The values, principles, and goals of human givens therapy Values The human givens approach is underpinned by knowledge of: the nature of the unconscious mind the workings of the unconscious mind [...]

The Human Givens Approach2019-01-16T15:56:39+00:00

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